Afghanistan Learning Story!

Using Technology to Enable & Empower Girls in War Torn Countries
Metra Mehran, Fulbright Fellow from Afghanistan


Several years ago, I met Metra Mehran, an amazing college student from Afghanistan.  She was already quite a leader of social change in a war torn country.  We invited her to speak at Learning 2014.  In the following years, she graduated from college, became a Fulbright scholar and social entrepreneur.  She served as a Children Right's Advocate to the Human Rights Commission.  And, she has a deep passion for Learning.  

This year, she asked if she could present a session looking at how technology can enable and empower girls in war-torn countries.  It takes the story of eLearning to a new reach.  Here is the session that Metra Mehren will present at Learning 2017 on Wednesday morning:

“War leaves millions of children unable to access education around the world. Unfortunately, more immediate needs such as food and shelter take the priority. The absence of school buildings and teachers prevents children mainly girls from getting an education. With currently children out of school, the huge cost of human capital of the lost years of schooling is frightening as it will threaten means to stabilize those countries in the future. We need new solutions now to fill the gap where traditional education does not yet reach. We believe technology is one of the most convenient ways to fill that gap - give children in the war-torn area a chance to learn.” 


 Join Metra Mehran for a provocative conversation! 









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