Brain Science Research Live!

Brain Science Research LAB with MIT!

We are very excited to announce a LIVE Brain Science Research LAB that will be conducted with participants at Learning 2017.  The LAB will focus on measuring brain waves of workplace learners while learning with content segments that are both short and longer.  How does the brain react differently when the content is "micro" or "longer". 

The LAB will be conducted by our colleagues from MIT's Office of Digital Learning and the MASIE Learning CONSORTIUM.

Throughout Monday and Tuesday at Learning 2017, volunteers will be asked to watch or read learning content segments of different durations, while wearing an EEG hat - which is an electroencephalogram that will measure brain wave responses.

Our MIT colleagues will report results to the 1,600 participants throughout the conference and we will discuss the role of bio-big-data on assessing content duration for learning design.

This will be VERY cool and provide a real-time research study of value to both the Learning 2017 participants and the wider field of academics and practitioners.


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